Unboxing New DZ09 Smart Watch

Unboxing New DZ09 Smart Watch

Hello friends in this video I have unboxed newly buyed DZ09 Smartwatch. I bought this Smartwatch because you all gave maximum votes to this watch in my voting poll which I asked in my community tab.

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This watch is very similar to V8 smart watch, it only has slight difference like it’s screen is square shaped whereas V8 Smartwatch screen is circular, it has some more apps than V8 Smartwatch whereas its price was 599 rupees which is more expensive than our V8 Smartwatch which was 459 rupees only.

Overall this watch provides more than its price, if you are going to buy a Smartwatch I would recommend, you should buy DZ09 or V8 Smartwatch. Both smart watches are same just the difference is of their screen one has a square screen whereas one has circular screen.

Link for the watch :- bhai out of stock hai (sorry) 🥰

Unboxing New DZ09 Smart Watch

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