Best Value ThinkPads in 2020

Best Value ThinkPads in 2020

Hình ảnh: Best Value ThinkPads in 2020

Hello everyone! Today’s video serves as an update and revision to my “ThinkPad on a Budget” buyer’s guide series that I made around 2 years ago. In this video I discuss three ThinkPads that I think serve as the best value machines that you can buy used, and why I chose them as opposed to other models. Hope you guys enjoy the video!

Additionally, I just made a follow-up to this video talking about the thinner ThinkPads that replaced these models, feel free to check it out here!

Some of the sources used for this video:
1vyrain page:
1vyrain files:
T25/T480 hybrid:
Wolfgang’s Best Used ThinkPad:
My original ThinkPad on a Budget series:

Other videos of mine:
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Best Value ThinkPads in 2020

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